Happy Consumer Treasure

Rich map, diverse style, there are a large number of welfare gifts, fun to don’t stop. Carefully designed level BOSS, let you experience have tense where cool, we’re not RPG but we bring you a happy than RPG. Multiple combination, visual effects and proud of the effects of sound, from sensory experience, fast to eliminate them.

Collect shell: eliminate fish or obstacles under shell to make it down to bottom. Beat boss: specified fish can damage boss, eliminate the fish as many as possible Ice elimination: eliminate the same fish under ice to eliminate it 

Stone elimination: eliminate fish around stone to eliminate it Super cross elimination will trigger super elimination 5 or more fish will make one; make a cross elimination to eliminate a line and a list 5 fish in a line will make a same color special effect to collect exchange fish 5 same fish of T-shape will make a bomb to eliminate fish of 3*3 range 5 same fish of L-shape will make a bomb to eliminate fish of 3*3 range 4 same fish will make a special fish to eliminate a line or a list Drag a fish around to make 3 or more of the same fish in a line to eliminate.

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