Colour Run

Color Run, a brand new 3D hilarious scrolling parkour game.

Is now ready to bring you thrilling game experience. In this world of everything possible, you will act as various characters, such as Wang, Tech Geek, Rich Handsome Man, Decent Lady and even Sora Aoi, to resist the Alien! 60% of game players are girls. Hurry up to make more friends with beauties and handsome studs. Feel free to compete with each other.

Easy but not Simple. It is easy to learn how to play the game within 15 seconds. Tap on your device screen both vertically and horizontally to run as fast as a rocket. Try to jump on animals or vehicles. They will become your spring bed. Do you remember the skill 2-stage Jump in Super Mario Bros? You can have a try in Color Run too. You can dash to break through fragile barriers. You just need to double tap on the device screen.

Brand New Gameplay.
Besides from dodge, you can directly dash to break through barriers!
The exclusive Jump system allows you to step on a barrier and jump higher.
Different characters and mounts have distinct skills.
Each score action can generate Combo! How many Combos will you gain?

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